Very few treatment regimens have shown plaque regression using CIMT over such a short treatment duration. The PEACE (Pitavastatin Evaluation of Atherosclerosis Regression by Intensive Cholesterol-lowering Therapy) study evaluated the effect of intensive statin therapy on regression of CIMT in patients with sub-clinical carotid atherosclerosis, and found no difference between moderate to intensive cholesterol-lowering therapy.

However, in the intensive cholesterol-lowering arm (target LDL-C; 80 mg/dl), the change in mean CIMT was -0.024 (95% confidence interval -0.046 to -0.0014) mm/year (p < 0.05 vs. baseline), and -0.0078 (95% confidence interval -0.028 to 0.012) mm/year (p = 0.4406 vs. baseline) in the moderate group. The data using our patented NO technology show an average of 0.073 mm or 10.9% after approximately 6 months.


In addition, a trial utilizing AusTech technology for Nitric Oxide supplementation indicated positive results in the reduction of triglyceride levels:

Unique Combination of Beet Root and Hawthorn Berry Promotes Nitric Oxide Production and Reduces Triglycerides in Humans

  • Conducted at the Institution of Molecular Medicine at the University of Texas Houston Health Science Center by Nathan Bryan, PhD
  • Published in The Journal of Clinical Hypertension
  • Group receiving Nitric Oxide supplementation exhibited a statistically significant 27% reduction in triglyceride levels compared to starting levels after 30 days