Joel Kocher, CEO

Joel has 25 years of senior leadership experience in the technology industry in companies ranging from $100 million in revenues to $5 billion. He was once described by Businessweek as a “marketing whiz who’s needle is stuck on motivate.” He is recognized for presiding over Dell’s explosive growth in the early 90’s. He is credited with several Dell business and marketing innovations, including extending the direct model to penetrate Global 1000 and Government markets. He is also credited with defining the Dell brand as synonymous with the Direct Model, and was a leader in bringing sophisticated direct marketing to the PC Industry.

Mr. Kocher was engaged by Vice President Gore to successfully assist him and a small team of industry executives to completely re-engineer the processes utilized by the U.S. Government to purchase and deploy high technology products.

After he left Dell, he held a broad set of leadership positions in both private and public companies. These positions include President and COO of Power Computing, one of the fastest growing INC 100 companies in technology history, Chairman and CEO of Micron Electronics, and Chairman and CEO of what is now, also an INC 100 company.

In addition to serving as CEO of AusTech Pharmaceutical, Kocher is also co-founder and CEO of Neogenis Labs, LLC, which focuses on the therapeutic applications for nitric oxide in a direct-to-consumer model. Kocher recieved his B.S. in Marketing from the University of Florida, as well as Executive Programs at the Wharton School of Business and Stanford School of Business.

Bril Flint, COO

Bril is an experienced Technology and Media Executive, with skills in Strategic Planning, Analysis, M&A, Operations and Finance. Bril’s management career began at Bain & Co., where he was a Consultant and Engagement Manager. He led project teams doing work in manufacturing, packaging and software industries that served both consumer and B2B markets.

After Bain, Bril worked in the recorded music business. He was Vice President of Strategic Planning for the North American division of EMI-Capitol Music in the mid-90s, its most profitable period ever.

Following EMI, Bril built and organized the Corporate Planning department at Dell Computer, helping the company grow from $7B in revenue to $30B. He was also VP of Planning and Finance for Worldwide Operations at Dell, including manufacturing, distribution, and procurement. In addition, Bril was the VP of Planning and Finance for the Large Corporate Accounts sales group at Dell.

Bril joined Apple Computer in 2003, just prior to the launch of the iTunes Music Store. He led the 100-person organization running the Demand/Supply Planning function for all Apple and Mac products and the Americas Finance team.

Bril is active as an angel stage investor and technology strategy consultant, and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Central Texas Angel Investor Network, one of the 5 Most Active angel groups in the US. He recieved his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, and an M.S. in Management from the Sloan School of Management at MIT.