Based in Austin, TX, AusTech Pharmaceutical is a subsidiary of Neogenis Labs, LLC.

As a leader in Nitric Oxide (NO) research, AusTech Pharmaceutical has developed an innovative technology platform centered on the potential of NO to help the body improve cardiovascular and overall health. This patented technology delivers bioavailable dietary nitrates and nitrites in a form that is easily converted in the body to NO, a cellular signaling molecule involved in physiological and pathological processes relating to circulation, blood pressure, artery health, and triglyceride levels, among others.

This technology has been employed in direct-to-consumer supplements for general cardiovascular support by parent company Neogenis Labs, exhibiting a strong safety profile of no toxicity or adverse reactions, and a high degree of manufacturability. While the supplements employing the technology have been a commercial success, AusTech is focused on collaborative partnering models that leverage this existing technology and infrastructure for the purpose of co-development of novel formulations with major pharma companies for specific indications.

Through the leadership of strong science and management teams, the company has achieved significant financial and clinical milestones:

  • Hypertension study published in Journal of Clinical Hypertension
  • Publication of 3 other research trials
  • Numerous patents related to nitrite formulations and their use as Nitric Oxide prodrugs
  • Manufacture and sale of over 20 million doses of products employing the company‚Äôs technology